Maya Fasting & Detox
Linzerbot 25-27
1973 Nax
Valais - Switzerland
+41 27 565 51 55

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Program during your fasting stay

Fasting stay 6 nights from Sunday till Saturday

The fasting stays at the Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa are only for adults in a good health condition.

Before and after your stay

The preparation

Information for your fasting preparation will be sent to you before your stay. It is recommended to eat a bit less 2 or 3 days before.

Breaking the fast and food after

On departure day, we will serve you your first meal.
Information about what to eat when you return home will be communicated to you on various discussion workshops during the stay.

You will also have the opportunity to learn many tips on how to implement healthy nutrition in your daily life.

During your stay

Arrival day

17h-18h Check in
18h Meeting, presentation of the hotel and your retreat

In the morning

Meeting with the group:
Have a cup of tea and some guided activity: Hiking, yoga, various workshops etc.

Time for yourself:
Rest, access to the Spa (sauna and scandinavian hottub), massages and consultation with the nutritionist (not included in the price), the thermal baths of Bain de Saillon (one entrance per person is offert by us)

In the afternoon

In the evening

Meeting with the group:
We will have a fresh homemade vegetable bouillon and various workshops around fasting and nutrition

Departure day

Meeting with the group:
Breaking the fast

11h Check out

All activities are optional.


Feel free to live your fasting experience in the dynamic of the group  or individually.


Your hosts are at your service for any questions about hiking routes or excursions.

We propose a water fast:
Bio herbal teas at will
Nax spring water
Home broth served in the evening


On request, we can also serve you vegetable juices.

The Drinks

Upon reservation(surcharge):
Consultation with the practitioner
Classic Relax Massage 
Hot Stone Massage 

Lymphatic drainage


Massages and Consultations

Fasting stays are supervised by professional and experienced alternative practitioner.

You will receive the necessary information to prepare your fast before your stay.


During  your stay, we will address the theme of food recovery.


Various discussion workshops will allow you to broaden your knowledge about nutrition and give you the necessary tools to improve your eating patterns.

The Professional Guidance

To intense the detox and wellness, we have a wood-fired hot tub and the Scandinavian sauna at your disposal every afternoon.

The Spa

Dates and Prices Fasting

Les séjours de jeûne au Maya Boutique Hotel & Spa s’adressent uniquement à des personnes majeures, en bonne santé. 

Grossesse, allaitement, traitements médicamenteux lourds, épilepsie, hyperthyroïdie non-traitée, ulcères (estomac ou duodénum), diabète type 1, tuberculose, thrombophlébite, insuffisance hépatique ou rénale, greffe d’organe, stimulateur cardiaque, maigreur excessive, anorexie et troubles du comportement alimentaire, addictions lourdes, toxicomanie, artériosclérose, maladies dégénératives avancées (sclérose en plaque, Alzheimer, etc.), cancer généralisé, psychoses lourdes.

Si vous êtes sujets à l’une des contre-indications ci-dessus, nous ne pourrons pas vous accueillir.
En cas de doute, demandez l’avis de votre médecin.